Are you new to the online business world? Unsure how to hone in your messaging? Unsure of your niche? or are you someone like me, multi-passionate, but don’t know exactly what you want to do when it comes to your business?

I get it…I’ve been there and I know how it feels…but the good news is….I just discovered a beautiful process and I’d love to share it with you and hope that it’ll help you with your messaging and finding your niche. And remember you’ll have to start with some target market in your mind and what services you’d like to provide. And following this process you’ll definitely get more and more clarity and alignment in terms of the direction you want to steer your business towards.

So, If you are starting out and are having some difficulty finding paid clients, I highly recommend putting yourself out there to provide your services and expertise for free. I know you are excited to start making money asap, but you are not booking any clients? So, how is that even helping? Instead, I invite you to think of free sessions to be very very beneficial to you. If you start giving free session here is what will happen.

    1. You’ll get experience, confidence and in the process you’ll know what you really enjoy doing.
    2. You’ll know what kind of clients you want to take on.
    3. You’ll be adding value to your client’s life and business depending on the nature of the work you do.


  1. If you feel it was a great session then don’t hesitate to ask them for a testimonial. The testimonials are key for this secret process! They’ll help you hone in your messaging and narrow down your niche.

After collecting multiple testimonials…here is what I suggest you do…

  1. Take a pen and a book or a paper and as you read each testimonial jot down all of the sentences and words that you feel good reading about and connected to.
  2. Once you have gone through all of the testimonials, read through what you’ve written down. I guarantee you that there are few sentences and words that are common in terms of the EXPERIENCES your clients had working with you or the RESULTS you provided them with…circle those words and sentences.

Did that light up a bulb in your head? BINGO….those are the exact words and sentences that you’ll use to build and create a powerful and empowering message for your business. Also, you’ll be able to notice the kind of clients you’ve attracted in the process…whether they are entrepreneurs or professionals, artists, healers, speakers, their lifestyle, characteristics, their problems and concerns either in their business and life. The commonality will determine the niche where your services are most needed.

Clarity is the goal.

Getting these two pieces together will definitely help bring in more CLARITY around your business, who you want to work with, what kind of services you’d like to provide, how much should you be charging and much more. Getting CLARITY will definitely make you feel great about your business and purpose and in the process you’ll attract more ABUNDANCE in clients, money, partnerships, fun, joy and so much more!


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