You know you are a LEADER…


but haven’t yet fully tapped into your full potential because…

life got in the way or you felt you are not enough…

or you haven’t grounded fully into your beingness and what you are here to do…

and procrastination took over your dreams…

but deep down the drive to do something big is still burning high


You are someone who has seen it all and done it all when it comes to success in the material world but feeling burnt out…

empty and emotionally drained…

feel there is something missing that you can’t seem to pinpoint to as to what it is…

Either way you know you want to serve at your highest frequency and unleash your optimal potential.

I get it I’ve been there, I understand how heart crunching it is to know each day has passed by without you contributing your best to making a difference in this world….

to see each day pass by without feeling fulfilled and happy at your core…

because you have not stepped into your power fully and unapologetically!

 And I invite you to come work with me for the next 12 months…where you and I go deep into

  • building a solid relationship with yourself
  • becoming aware and clearing your blocks, stories and old patterns that have been holding your back from experiencing holistic abundance
  • deeply connecting with your higher-self, source and guidance …which will be a game changer for your business and life
  • step into more clarity and action mode

Our work together will set you on fire!!

your mind will crumble all the old patterns and stories

Right people and Right opportunities will get magnetized towards you and your beautiful work

You’ll experience laser focus, one layer at a time

The next layer of your vision will unfold

Dormant energies around your business and life will get activated

Fear will fade away and you’ll have immense knowingness that you are on the right path to achieving all that you’ve set out to achieve and some more!!!

I’ll super charge your way to global leadership by igniting the exact inspiration that’s so dormant and you’ll be ready to go in the world and shine brighter…Think and Act bigger than ever before !!

So if this calls you…I invite you to step 1

   – the intake application

This is not a program for everyone and who I call into to work with is of utmost importance to me.

If we are aligned, we move to step 2 where we will have a 60 mins Leadership Potential Reading session to map out the exact road we will be taking for the next 12 months.

Once you feel into the Road Map, we will begin our bi-weekly Update, energy tune-up and coaching sessions for the next 12 months.


What you’ll receive during our 12 months together

    Quarterly: 1 x 60 mins Leadership Potential Reading to map your quarter

    Bi-weekly 30 Mins 1:1 calls (24 x 30 mins 1:1 calls)

Weekly customized journaling prompts

Monthly Energy Tune Up sessions x 90 mins (12 x 90 Mins sessions)

For Optimum Holistic results I invite you to look into the optional offer of adding Body Cleanse program and Yoga sessions with my best personally hand picked Experts!

“Neha has such a great energy that could be felt from thousands of miles away.”

Neha has a gift for connecting with her clients and holding a powerful and sacred space for them. Before speaking with Neha, I was experiencing feelings of doubt about the path I was on. I felt so at peace as Neha provided me with profound clarity. I experienced feelings of alignment coupled with a deep knowing and truth about my life’s path. Not only did I receive clarity, but also felt as if I received the permission I needed to move ahead with certain areas of my life. Neha has such a great energy that could be felt from thousands of miles away. She’s a beautiful person with a beautiful soul. If you are looking to make a deeper connection with yourself and your life’s purpose, Neha’s your go-to girl!

- Sabrina Coella

Online Business and Marketing Strategist