Want to know how you can uncover them? then read on….

Do you know why you are not making the money you always desired to make? despite all of the hard work and effort you put into what you do…..it’s simple….. you are just deflecting the money from coming to you with your Money Blocks. Yes, we all have them and depending on how deep you dive into finding them and working around them will determine the amount you’ll be attracting into your life.

In the last few years I’ve been very much interested and spending time in learning from the best of the best about the human brain and how it relates to and understands money and the Law of Attraction and Mindset around money and success. I still invest a lot of my time, money and energy in learning all about it and making them my own.

I’ve been a good student and have learnt to manifest many amazing things in my life in the past 10 or so years …. beautiful homes, luxury cars, dream job, beautiful relationships, amazing connections, high-level mentors, traveling and living in beautiful cities and much much more. But recently I hit a rock bottom and my money manifestation reached a plateau. I was unable to understand so I decided to sit down and take a closer look at what was going on. I achieved all that I had decided in my mind up until this point but I wanted more. Why was it not happening? I figured that despite setting my thermostat level at a high…and the heater still functioning well…my house was not heating up? what was wrong? Darn it…the filter needed replacement. Do you see what I mean? I realized I had to step back and see where I was putting my energy into and if there were any blocks that I’m having but I’m unaware of them.

There is always more learning and uncovering of layers to be done. There is always more that you can push yourself to be and do and step up into the next level. A beautiful gift showed up in my inbox at the perfect time. I spent time doing the work and I was surprised to know that I had deep rooted Money blocks. I never thought I had them….but I sure did.

Would you like to know what they were?

  1. People who have money….don’t have time for their kids and as a result their kids turn out to be brats.
  2. People who have money….are arrogant. They don’t know how to truly live their lives. They have trust issues (they feel people around them are just there for their money) and don’t have meaningful relationships. And to fill the void, they take the wrong path of drugs, alcohol and other substance abuse.
  3. People who have money…can’t have stable relationships. They either end up in a divorce or something bad.

And all of these deep hidden beliefs around people who have money conflict big time with my core values. No wonder I was not making the money I wanted to make despite every effort.

I was interested in knowing where I picked up these beliefs…so I traced back and found two major reasons:

  1. Bollywood movies….Yep! its was a great part of growing up and it still is…but very minimal and I know how to shield my mind and which ones to watch.
  2. Not having the exposure to the right examples of rich people ..all the tabloids from magazines, newspapers, internet.

So would you like to uncover some of your money blocks?

I promise you, if you dive deep and take the time to find your Money Blocks you’ll start becoming more aware of them and catching yourself in the moment and pivoting them will open doors to bringing more of what you desire into your life.

Set aside some Me-time to do this work….take a pen and paper and start journaling –

What would you your life look like if you were to make $___ (put the $ value that matches your next level that you want to achieve).

As you start to write out….take closer note of what your ego starts telling you… You can’t have this…ask why not? and you’ll get something out that is hidden deeply inside you that you are not aware of until this point in time. I hope this helps with uncovering your money blocks and if you’d like to know more..feel free to reach out to me or comment below.