2016 was a phenomenal year for me. I stepped into the online business world and it has been an amazing journey so far. So much personal and professional growth, expansion and learning each day. In the last couple of months, I’ve connected with some of the top Industry leaders, got coached and mentored by them.

20160802_115854In August 2016, I attended a 2 day live event in NYC hosted by one of my mentor Kimra Luna. It was certainly a life changing opportunity for me to hang out, converse and spend time with so many talented peers and top industry leaders. I also became part of high-level masterminds with some of the best of the best coaches and mentors. I’ve observed them closely and in the process realized that there are some common denominators among the top achievers.

I’d love to share few important observations with you all and here they are

  • They are the coolest and most humble, down to earth people I’ve known and you’ll ever meet.
  • They are always eager and ready to share everything they’ve got because they are leaders in true sense. When you meet someone that you deeply admire, be prepared to get out of your own way and ask them lots of question and remember no question is a stupid question. Then be open and willing to learn from them. To get the results like theirs, go apply what they tell you and along the way tweak and turn to make it your own. And most importantly have patience.
  • They are not after the money or fame…but after their passion and mission and vision. As a result money and fame magically follows them.
  • Have high energy and operate at a different frequency and vibration. They know how to tap into the HIGHER POWER.
  • They are always learning and upgrading their skills and knowledge by investing in themselves either taking courses or joining masterminds or hiring the best of the best mentors and coaches and sometimes multiple coaches for all areas of their lives.
  • They are always networking.20160802_133649
  • They work on their mindset 24/7 and definitely have a mindset routine or practice of some sort.
  • They are 10 plus years overnight success. Success didn’t just fall onto their lap, they’ve worked for it and never gave up on themselves and their dreams despite multiple challenges and failures. They expect the same from their clients.
  • They too have real problems like you and me but don’t get stuck or complain about them or let the problems slow them down a bit. But instead they work harder and smarter to get the perfect desired outcome by never loosing focus of their goals/mission.
  • Wins are definitely celebrated without putting themselves on cloud nine forever but instead they are thinking and working on their next innovative creative idea to be birthed…they are UNSTOPPABLE!!
  • They are life long learners and action takers – forever HUNGRY for more knowledge

And with all of those qualities in place, my question to you is…

Why shouldn’t success, fame and money be their birth right ?

They are doing all the right things and knowingly or unknowingly following the LAW OF KARMA. And they are rewarded for putting in their hard work, for staying focused despite obstacles thrown their way and yet staying strong and marching on towards their goals with laser focus.

So here is my take on all of it and what I constantly remind my self

  • STOP comparing yourself with anyone and especially with someone who already has what you want in your life or business.
  • Don’t be jealous of anyone and what they posses or put yourself down and loose all your confidence because you feel it’s too far and out of your reach…but instead step up your game, humble yourself and be ready to learn from them in every possible way you can, reach out to them and ask them the right questions.
  • if you find yourself complaining or brooding over something that’s not working right for you then think of someone who you absolutely adore in your line of work. Put yourself in their shoes and ask what would that person do in your particular situation and act out from that place. I guarantee you that you’ll have a solution and you’ll definitely be in a much better place than you could’ve imagined or hoped for…That’s the power of the qualities of leaders and most importantly your own mindset.

20160802_195301Strive to be the Person who’d be a guiding light for others in their times of despair and difficulty….if you can change one life…your time on earth is WORTH it!

Have a fantabulous 2017!


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With Love,
Neha Nayak
Miracle Mindset and Manifestation Coach
Akashic Records Business Consultant